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Though often used in tandem with macro.CLT to create consistency in appearance between structural CLT elements and decorative interior walls, they have many uses as a more stable, stronger, visually appealing alternative to plywood, 2×6 decking, and stair treads, or. Structural Systems. Assemble entire floors in hours, not weeks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology for faster speed to completion. Precision-designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed by Katerra’s integrated team, Katerra’s structural components represent the leading edge of building technology.

Driven by intelligent and integrated construction solutions, from timber frame and structural insulated panel systems to glulaminated and cross laminated timber together with volumetric modular options - innovation in the structural timber product range has broadened the appeal. XLam CLT is a fully engineered structural system, backed by extensive research and product testing for use in Australia and New Zealand. XLam provides detailed technical guidance on structural design, performance in fire, acoustics, thermal design and building envelope details. Cross-Laminated Timber CLT is an innovative structural system based on the use of large-format, multi-layered panels made from solid wood boards glued together, and layers at 90 degrees. This cross-laminated configuration translates into panels that are monolithic. The testing and report build on the major findings from the initial Timber Tower Research Project and Gravity Framing System report. The purpose of the testing program was to research cross-laminated timber CLT floor systems with a composite concrete topping slab that improves the structural, acoustic, and fire performance of the floor system.

If a structural fire design was carried out, the governing stresses in case of fire are shown in the tab "Stresses in case of fire" The tab "Deformations" shows the deformed system or the envelope given by the minimum and maximum deformation resulting from the governing SLS verification. By gluing layers of wood at right angles, the panel is able to achieve better structural rigidity in both directions. It is similar to plywood but with distinctively thicker laminations or lamellae. CLT is distinct from glued laminated timber, a product with all laminations orientated in the same way. Structurlam's CrossLam CLT, Glulam Plus, and Structurdek GLT are the perfect fit for any mass timber project. More Info. Industrial. Structurlam's disruptive technology has forever changed the rig mat, access mat, and crane mat industry. More Info. Structurlam in British Columbia.

Typical structural systems Wood structures can be used in different applications in buildings, be they tall tower blocks, large halls or bridges. In addition to structures, common uses for wood products are windows and doors, interior decoration and furniture. TIMBER-CONCRETE COMPOSITE FLOOR SYSTEMS SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL LLP WOODWORKS WEBINAR 13 SEPTEMBER 2017 Design Methodology for Composite CLT Floors - Recap 1. Calculate sectional properties of CLT EIeff, EAeff per US CLT Handbook, NDS, other 2. Select composite fastener type, determine slip stiffness Ks per Manufacturer 3. In 2015, the International Building Code was updated to recognize CLT as a structural system. This was a critical milestone that now allows cities to add CLT as an approved structural solution for architectural and engineering design. Design Approach 1. Establish overall stability loads. 2. Frame up floors with repetition. Determine span direction and gravity load path, review available length of walls in each direction and.

  1. CSA A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures Minimum thickness for a two-way concrete slab without drop panels: Then, similar thickness for regular two-way concrete slab using steel bar of fy = 400 MPa without considering the vibration of floor MPa f when l f l h y n y n s 400 30 30 1000 / 6. 0 = => CLT Structural.
  2. CLT Wall & I-joisted floor with EWP rim board and blocking. Self tapping screws are used CLT Wall Decking Blocking Joist between joists CLT Wall Self-tapping screws Continuous ring beam CLT Wall screwed through decking into blocking Screws Mixed CLT with other Wood-Based Systems Hybrid Systems: CLT Wall & I-Joisted Floor Adopted from TRADA.
  3. While the structural design of CLT is included in provisions of the 2015 NDS, lateral force transferring diaphragm systems of CLT are not included in the 2015 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic SDPWS. CLT diaphragm connection and system performance with various connection details and loading conditions is an area of ongoing research.

CLT Structural Design Bending Beam Structure.

20/02/2014 · A research project recently completed at FPInnovations showed that CLT panels have the potential to provide excellent fire resistance, often comparable to typical heavy construction assemblies of non-combustible construction. CLT panels can maintain significant structural capacity for an extended duration of time when exposed to fire. same for CLT. However, CLT also builds on these advantages with several of its own. This section provides a high-level overview of these benefits, and is followed by a closer look at issues of particular importance to structural engineers. Speed and efficiency of installation. CLT panels are manufactured for specific applications. External insulation to CLT. 2 External insulation provides a high level of decrement delay that protects the CLT structure and the air barrier system from temperature extremes. Apart from easing interior temperature management, the lack of extremes reduces expansion and contraction. Post and Beam – Vertical load bearing system often accompanied by a masonry shear wall, though wood-frame shear walls or structural insulated panel systems are also feasible. Roof and floor assemblies often consist of tongue-and-groove decking overlaid by wood structural panels to provide horizontal diaphragm capacity. Timber-Concrete Composite TCC is a technology which focuses on optimizing performance and material requirements by engineering a structural connection between timber and concrete components. Structural efficiency is gained by creating composite action between the two materials.

high structural systems allowing the creation of large open interior-spaces and giving flexibility in interior layouts. Effects of seismic actions on superstructures constructed fully or partially from CLT have been central to structural R&D efforts because of the special performance demands on. As an innovative structural solution spreads, Platte Fifteen takes shape with CLT By Sean O’Keefe Commercial construction, like a lot of things, comes down to making choices. After selecting a site upon which to build, one of the most fundamental decisions on any new construction project is the building’s structural system. nately, the structural properties and life-safety concerns have limited the use of wood to the structural systems to low-rise buildings in the United States. This paper uses the hypothetical design of a high-rise multi-family housing building using Cross-Laminated Timber CLT to.

Structural timber has developed hugely in recent years. Timber can be used in several slightly different build systems. These include engineered timber solutions such as cross-laminated timber CLT and glulam, as well as timber frame, structural insulated panels SIPS and associated open and closed panel systems. comparison to the CLT monolithic system, a CLT/glulam hybrid construction system, named UT system urban timber system, has been developed. CLT remains the main structural material in the UT system but, glulam linear elements are used to reduce the CLT walls both inside and in. Katerra’s Spokane Valley factory will initially produce Cross-Laminated Timber CLT structural systems, with plans to expand into production of additional mass timber products in the future. Mass timber represents the future of high performance building technology as a new market for building materials that are safe.

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