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KFC Debuts Pickle Fried Chicken

Featuring a perfect blend of spicy cayenne and smoked paprika, Nashville Hot is available in tenders, Chicken Littles™, and Extra Crispy™ chicken. Try it in a Nashville Hot basket today with your choice of Extra Crispy™ chicken or Extra Crispy™ tenders, mashed potatoes, biscuit, and pickles! Available at participating KFC restaurants. 21/06/2018 · KFC is hopping on the pickle juice trend. Although the fast food chain has been offering pickles on their sandwiches for years, the brand decided to take it a step further to create a hybrid of the two items by tossing their signature 11-spice fried chicken in a pickle-juice-based sauce. According. KFC Chicken Littles are made with freshly-breaded tenders, pickles and mayo on a sweet bun. These little chicken sandwiches are the new big. The sky isn’t falling; it’s just headed to Kentucky Fried Chicken® for these freshly breaded chicken tenders, served with pickles and mayo on an all-new sesame-seed bun. 26/06/2018 · NATIONWIDE-- KFC has debuted a new menu item that will have pickle lovers rejoicing. KFC releases Pickle Fried Chicken Pickle sauce made with dill, vinegar flavors Only available for a limited time The fast food chain's Pickle Fried Chicken is made by covering its signature fried chicken.

25/06/2018 · Pickles are really having a moment lately, from pickle mozzarella sticks to bacon pickle fries to pickle ice cream. And now, a famous fried chicken chain is serving up pickle-fried chicken. KFC tantalized their Instagram followers with this big hint they dropped on Instagram: I've got a. 03/07/2018 · KFC’s Pickle Fried Chicken is the latest addition to their lineup of southern-inspired sauced chicken options. Described as “crunchy fried chicken covered in a delicious dill pickle sauce,” at first glance KFC’s Pickle Fried Chicken appears to veer closer to a Double Down-style stunt offering than the Nashville Hot, Georgia.

20/06/2018 · We've been on the pickle train — hell, we've been driving the pickle train — for a couple years now, and it seems the general public is finally catching on. Sonic just launched a Pickle Slush, Disneyland made the pickle-topped Cheeseburger Pizza, and KFC's now bringing Pickle Fried Chicken to. Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced their newest menu item for the summer and it's game-changing. The fast food chicken chain, famed for it's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, is bringing on a new menu item to please pickle lovers everywhere. For a limited time customers can order pickle fried chicken from KFC stores across America. KFC is serving Pickle Fried Chicken at all its Louisville restaurants. So, how does it taste? We did a taste test so you don't have to.

KFC's Pickle Fried Chicken now available in.

KFC releases pickle-flavored fried chicken.

If you’ve been paying attention to the fried chicken trends lately who hasn’t, you’ve noticed an uptick in pickle brined fried chicken. This is supposedly the way Chick-Fil-A serves their chicken, and KFC even had a stint with pickle chicken. 20/06/2018 · Pickle Fried Chicken is groundbreaking. KFC claims it is the first quick-service restaurant to serve pickle-flavored fried chicken to the masses, and they did it right. We came, we saw, we gobbled it up quicker than we would like to admit. The tenders were just like the pickle they were inspired by: salty, vinegary, and dill-y. 21/06/2018 · The fried chicken chain announced that the Pickle Fried Chicken is being launched today, which is a very limited-time menu item that combines to of the country’s favorite flavors in fried chicken and pickles. The idea is “to create the ultimate comfort food mashup of KFC pickle-sauced Extra. 25/06/2018 · KFC’s Pickle Fried Chicken hit menus today with no accompanying commercials and no celebrity Colonel, but plenty of buzz nonetheless. Credit novelty for that. The chain’s latest innovation is relatively unique to QSR – elevating the pickle from accessory to centerpiece when industry experts.

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