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When does it make financial sense to move from hand erecting boxes to purchasing a case erector? Based on how many boxes you run a day and your labor cost the savings could be substantial. Input four simple data fields into the Automatic Case Erector Savings Guide and find. The C-1000-Tape Case Erector is a case erector from the standard Lantech series. All standard equipment use proven techniques from the Lantech machine program. With this very compact case erector it is possible to handle a large number of different sizes with a high degree of reliability. The price / performance ratio is excellent.

Lantech Tudo pela caixa Caixas quadradas! Sem bloqueios! As caixas quadradas são a chave para um embalamento secundário bem-sucedido. As formadoras de Caixas Lantech são a solução para as caixas quadradas. c-1000/c-2000. 9320 Lantech Case Erector C1000 C2000. The unique case pickup frame provides two-panel control of the case as it transitions from knock-down to open position. The minor flaps are also folded while the case is stationary. Unique soltted flap folders fold the major flaps while the case is stationary; Lantech has four case erector models to choose from: Lantech C-300, Lantech C-400. The Lantech C-300 Automatic Case Erector is designed for businesses that need to process up to ten 10 cases per minute. The easy-to-feed magazine is ergonomically positioned for loading up to 150 carton blanks, while the spring-loaded side belts firmly hold carton in place during handling. Non-Standard Case Dimension Machine can be modified for a variety of case dimensions. Please contact Lantech for details. High Speed Increases speed to maximum of 30 cases per minute. Please contact Lantech for details Communication Various communication configurations possible. Please contact Lantech for details. Innovative and customizable, Lantech Case Erectors are well-suited for small facilities and as well as large regional distribution centers. Featuring multiple advantages such as ergonomic blank loading, precise case forming, and auto case adjusting, Lantech’s automatic case erectors integrate well into just about any packaging environment.

The Lantech C-1000 Automatic Case Erector is designed for businesses that need to process anywhere from 15 to 22 cases per minute. Featuring an easy-access magazine with the capacity to hold up 200 case blanks, the spring-loaded side belts and positive two-panel case control ensures that cartons are held securely during sealing. The Lantech C-2000 Automatic Case Erector is designed for businesses that require creation of 10 large size cases per minute. Available in either tape or hot melt sealing formats, the C-2000 erects cases with precise 90-degree angles, creating perfectly-squared cartons for easier packing and palletizing. Do you have a Lantech C-300 or similar equipment? We are interested in clearing out your surplus equipment, from single items like this Lantech C-300 Tape Bottom Seal Case Erector to entire manufacturing facilities.

LANTECH CASE ERECTOR C-400 The C-400 is a case erector from the standard Lantech series. All standard equipment use proven techniques from the Lantech machine program. With this very compact case erector it is possible to handle a large number of different sizes with a high degree of reliability. Lantech, Model C300, automatic case erector, bottom sealer. Rated from 1 to 10 cases per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration.

Frain Industries has hundreds of case erector machines and other end of line packaging equipment in stock and ready to set up for your application. Frain carries many types of case erectors depending on your specific application, case size, speed, and line integration requirements.</plaintext> Lantech Case Sealers; Case Erectors / Tray Formers. Case Erectors / Tray Formers. Lantech C-300 Automatic Case Erector. Related Videos. Lantech C-400. Lantech C-1000 and C-2000. Lantech CS-300. Lantech CS-1000. Lantech CS-1000 hot melt Get More Info Have Questions? 502-815-9101; Can't find what you're looking for, Request a Quote!</p> <p>Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Lantech, Model C-2000, automatic, case erector and bottom taper. Case size range: 8" to 25 5/8" in Length; 6" to 17" in Width; 4" to 23" in Depth. Equipped with 44" long blank magazine, suction cup case pick and place, 2" wide pressure sensitive tape head, and. LANTECH CASE-ERECTOR C-2000-T-P tape / pneumatical: The C-2000-T-P is the case-erector out of the modular series of Lantech. All modular machines make use of the proven techniques out of the Lantech machine program. The machine is loaded with blanks in an easy way.</p> <p>Used Lantech brand equipment. Request a quote on-line or contact us. We will help you find the Lantech to fit your needs. Our case erectors also can be integrated with our case packers, providing a compact solution that loads products for shipping. At Combi, we engineer a variety of options and offer customizations to fit your needs. Explore our case erecting machines below. To talk to us about a custom case erector, fill out this form or call us at 1.800.521.9072. Download our Free Poster: 5 Steps to Square Cases & No Jams. Region North America South America Europe Middle East Africa China Southeast Asia / Pacific Rim Australia / New Zealand LantechNet. Used Packaging, Processing and Supporting Equipment for Sale. All Packaging Equipment > Top Packaging Equipment.</p> <p>• 11000 Bluegrass Pkwy. • Louisville, KY 40299-2399 USA • 800-866-0322 •Rev. 6/15/05 Page 1 of 1 Success Story 15 – 20 % of production capacity lost due to frequent machine jams on new in-line automatic case erector. Problem Lantech’s C-2000 Case Erector is designed to minimize machine jams. 200 items of used Tape Bottom Seal Case Erector equipment. We will help you find the equipment for your next project. 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