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24/09/2015 · The Rolling Rock "33" Mystery is finally solved! Or is it? Or is it not?! It may just actually be.perhaps indeed it could definitely be so! Regardless, the. I had a sample of that and the Belgian Pale, they did not have the time to warm up. always considered Rolling Rock "skunked", it’s what myLet’s examine the scores, in alphabetical order: We can see from these scores that BeerAdvocate’s top three are PBR, Miller High Life and Rolling Rock; RateBeer’s are Rolling Rock, PBR and Corona. Rolling Rock Light a.k.a. Flat, piss beer Ratebeer 1.65 3rd percentile Beer Advocate D Taste -2 The nose actually reminded me of dilute urine, wet hair and a frat party.

Rolling Rock is a beer that I first tried in 2002, while living in Colorado. At that time the beer was brewed by Latrobe Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. Here is a link for those of you who are interested or are wondering about the mysterious 33 on the bottles. Sprint light ratebeer see all 16 oct 2017 01 18 09 0000 checkin id 516118349 beer bid 2208152 name sprint light beer profile. Rolling Thunder from 2016, 11.8% abv. Pours a very dark brown, tan head, almost looks like nitro, very nice lacing. The aroma here is big roasted malts and a hint of bourbon. Taste is similar, with a bit of dark fruit. A bit thin for the style, but it's an OK brew but pricey. Of the widely available lagers out there today, I feel like Rolling Rock goes overlooked while brews like PBR get all the love. I don’t plan to always keep my fridge stocked with it, but Rolling Rock still hits the spot for me and maybe you, too after all these years.

Had one the other day for the first time a Rolling Rock, not a cavity search and I can confirm it is a fairly typical ball-park light lager 4.5% that is neither horrible nor outstanding. If you like, say, Bud or Canadian, you will be well-serviced by this typical though lacklustre offering - so. Rolling Rock: Rolling Rock, which sucks real bad,. But I was nervous about this compilation of overrated beers, so I broke down and sought nominations from Twitter, my wife's coworkers, and various other rubes and rummies who may or may not know the first goddamn thing about the listicular arts.

11/02/2006 · At the risk of using an inflammatory headline, “cheap beers” seemed easier to convey than what I really mean: American macrobrewed light lagers. Yes, the Millers, the Buds, the Coors if you have to drink them say you find yourself at a party with only the cheap stuff, which ones should. Philly Beer Club. 464 likes. Cracking craft brews every Monday, the Philly Beer Club never repeats a beer. Watch them weekly as they approach 2000.

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