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The stabil gas treatment is formulated for use on diesel engines, and a single ounce can treat up to ten gallons of fuel. It works well with ULSD blends and biodiesel engines and helps keep your engine running leaner, cleaner, stronger and smoother than it ever has. Fuel stabilizers are great for proper small engine equipment storage but they do have their drawbacks. Adding a stabilizer to your fuel does not guarantee that it will keep the gas fresh for the entire off-season. A considerable amount of our customers express frustration with equipment that has bad fuel in its tank. How Do I Know if My STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer is Still Good to Use? Understanding the basic process of how gasoline degrades can help explain the shelf life of STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer. Gasoline is made up of various chemicals and when these components are exposed to oxygen, oxidation begins.

Using fuel stabilizer for your vehicle or small engine has almost become automatic for most consumers. The problem with this method though, is any moving or jostling of the gas tank will disrupt the layer and allow air and moisture into the fuel. For those cars or other machines that we don’t use all that often, like your lawn mower, boat, or even certain power tools, a fuel stabilizer will ensure that you are not running fuel through the system that could damage the engine. We take a look at the best on the market. 09/12/2018 · Whether you're storing your lawn mower for the winter or you just want to keep gas stored in a container for more than 30 days, adding fuel stabilizer is necessary. Mix the correct amount of fuel stabilizer to gasoline, and your mower’s fuel system should be.

Fuel that's kept in the engine for months can become progressively more viscous until your liquid fuel has become a gel which has lodged itself in all the nooks and crannies of your engine. Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank before storage to avoid this problem. Fuel stabilizers have ingredients that keep the fuel in your engine from aging. Works well so far. I had gas stored in a can for almost a year, and it smells fresh, and put some in my mower and mower started right up and ran smoothly. My generator manual says to store the generator full with gas and use Sta-Bil Storage. Just let it run so the gas with Sta-Bil has a chance to work its way through the whole fuel system. STA-BIL® products stop your fuel from deteriorating when your vehicle is not in use. Great performance and protection year round! STA-BIL® products have been recommended by over 100 original equipment manufacturers, and have been used and trusted by consumers for over 50 years. Top Five STA-BIL Product Myths Debunked. If you’ve ever looked for the best way to add years of life to your lawn equipment, prevent marine engine corrosion or safely store your classic car, you’ve heard of the STA-BIL® Brand. 28/08/2017 · Pass the Gas With ethanol in the gas, fuel stabilizers are as essential to boaters who store fuel for months as they are to those who boat every week. It was bad enough that non-ethanol gas could turn to crud, gumming up the works. In the old pre-E10 days, a fuel filter would take out water that.

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